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Public joint-stock company «Nikolayev plant of lubricating and filtering equipment» was established more than a century ago and in CIS countries the Company is the only one which produces complex automated lubricating systems, pressurizing equipment and devices to purify lubricating-cooling liquids, measuring-controlling instruments as well as a wide range of filters and filtering elements.

The plant was established in 1873 as «foundry, forging and fitting factory» taking orders to fabricate different «metal articles and agronomical tools». In 1902 the factory was re-organized into the plant repairing agricultural machinery. Regular updating of products and expansion of the product range, structural changes in the management were reflected in different names of the plant: «Nikolayev hydraulics plant» (NHP) – «Nikolayev pilot-producing plant of lubrication systems» (NPPPLS) – «Nikolayev production association for lubricating equipment production» (NPO) – «Nikolayev plant of lubricating and filtering equipment» (NPLFE).

Since 1960 the large-scale re-construction of the plant was performed with construction of the new production workshops and mastering of the innovative technologies. The unique experience gained for the decades was implemented in numerous projects. The systems produced and installed by PJSC «Nikolayev plant of lubricating and filtering equipment» are dependable and they are used under different conditions and implemented in numerous types of equipment around the world. Having survived the times of economic crisis of the nineties, PJSC «Nikolayev plant of lubricating and filtering equipment» management has performed re-engineering and technical reequipment production of the plant. This largely contributed into further development of the plant and made it possible to offer to the customers the modern and effective solutions in a very wide application range.          

At present PJSC «Nikolayev plant of lubricating and filtering equipment» is the modern industrial enterprise running its own developments and mastering technologies in the filed of lubricating and filtering equipment, having powerful production capacities and highlyqualified specialists. The Company produces almost every typeofexisting lubricatingdevicesrangingfromthevery simple ball-type pressure safety valve to fully-automatic lubrication system. With its unique equipment and highlyqualified personnel, the plant manufactures the products of the highest category of complexity which is certified in «Russian Register» certification system under ISO 9001:2000 system (certificate № 06.414.026) and the products are supplied to CIS countries and to Germany.

Without false modesty it is fair to say that PJSC «Nikolayev plant of lubricating and filtering equipment» masters the perfect proficiency to provide proper durability of the products; that proficiency where innovations are proved by experience. We have all the grounds to be proud of our successes and that we are furthering our clients to make their business to become even more efficient!